the original Statue of Liberty

This is the 366th picture. I started this A pic A day project a year ago, on Feb. 4th, 2012.
I’ve chosen this picture today, as a link between New York City, where I lived for a few years, and Paris, where I now am.
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20130203 - the original Statue of Liberty

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window boxes

20130202 - window boxes

staying warm

20130201 - staying warm


20130131 - dancer

reflection in a bottle of pink wine

20130130 - reflection in a bottle of pink wine


20130129 - moss


20130128 - droplets

snow on the stairs

20130127 - snow on the stairs

frost and butterfly on the window

20130126 - frost and butterfly on the window

tea time

20130125 - tea time


20130124 - walkers

Wallace fountain -detail

20130123 - Wallace fountain -detail


This looks like 5 pointz, Queens, USA, but it’s not.
Picture taken in Belleville neighborhood, Paris, France.

20130122 - garages

(the) Pyrénées in snowy Paris

20130121 - (the) Pyrénées in snowy Paris

snow in a garden

20130120 - snow in a garden


20130119 - walker

chair in Luxembourg gardens

20130118 - chair in Luxembourg gardens

night reflection in my window

20130117 - night reflection in my window

the Saint-Martin canal

20130116 - the Saint-Martin canal

sunrays through the smoke

20130115 - sunrays through the smoke

the Pont du Gard

20130114 - the Pont du Gard

the bar seems to have been closed for a while

20130113 - the bar seems to have been closed for a while

view from the bedroom

20130112 - view from the bedroom

chairs in a living room

20130111 - chairs in a living room

improbable setting for a romantic winter evening

20130110 - improbable setting for a romantic winter evening